Slättängs School

Project name: Slättängs School

Project type: Education

Location: Kristianstad, Sweden

Architect: Uulas Architects, Kristianstad, Kerstin Wergeni-Wasberg



The goal was to create light spaces


“Before its renovation Slättängsskolan was a classic 70s-style school with a very limited inflow of light. Therefore, our goal was to create light and more up to date rooms in the school. For the same reason we also recommended a gypsum ceiling, because it provides a clean, light expression whereever it is used. At the same time we established so-called “light islands” in the ceiling, partly aided by Knauf Danoline’s Stratopanel, which allowed us to give the light islands a beautiful, organic, amoeba-like shape. We had also worked together with Knauf Danoline before and were extremely happy with the collaboration.” Kerstin Wergeni-Wasberg, Uulas Arkitekter



We wanted an open plan solution


“Of course good acoustics are vital for a school, where both teachers and pupils have to work in a highly concentrated way. Nonetheless, we wanted an open plan solution, even though this can give rise to acoustic challenges. That is to say, on the one hand our priority was to create a more flexible school space, in which we could utilise every available square metre, while on the other we wanted to make the school’s pupils more aware of one another, giving them the sense of being a part of a larger group. In order to achieve these benefits, and at the same time avoid acoustical compromises, we needed a ceiling producer who was also an expert in acoustics.” Pelle Berg, Head Teacher


Year: 2008


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