Pershore High School

Project name: Pershore High School

Project type: Education

Location: Pershore, United Kingdom

Architect: Oxford Architects, Brian Mortimer



Architecture for children


“When you work on the architecture of schools, you must constantly remember who the end users are: they are children. So, although we chose Knauf Danoline’s products because of their clean, simple look, their acoustic properties and the flexibility of the elements, it was also a question of choosing a material suitable for children. They are so robust. Children, and especially boys, are capable of all sorts: for example, jumping up and punching a ceiling panel. But they only do it once, after hitting their knuckles on a gypsum ceiling panel they have no desire to try it again.

Another reason for choosing Knauf Danoline was because their product brochures were straight forward and concise. That made it so much easier for us to proceed with our work. Furthermore, their solution is also very cost-effective.” Brian Mortimer, Oxford Architects



Acoustics are the most important thing


“We chose Knauf Danoline because, in our opinion, they are at the forefront of the market when it comes to acoustics. Knauf Danoline also came over as an excellent sparring partner. Looking back, I have to say that we were especially pleased with the advice Knauf Danoline gave us in terms of acoustics. They made it possible for us to create even better learning environments here in our school.” Russell Dalton, Business Manager


Year: 2008


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