La Rodia

Project name: La Rodia

Project type: Leisure

Location:  France (+Dom-Tom)

Architect: Denu & Paradon, Paul-André Ritzenthaler


At the new La Rodia entertainment venue in Besançon, a major part of the ceiling surface in the lobby and bar area is lined with non-demountable monolithic ceilings.


Therefore, the requirement was even greater for a ceiling that would provide exceptionally easy access for inspection work in the perimeter areas in the lobby and bar.


The most suitable solution was found with our Corridor self-supporting ceiling especially developed for corridors, narrow rooms and perimeter areas with demand for easy access to cavity.


Resting only on wall angles, the installation of Corridor ceiling is effortless requiring no suspension runner or hangers. Thus, when demounted, Corridor ceiling reveals a completely open area for inspection work.


Year: 2010

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