Institute of Nursing Education

Project name: Institute of Nursing Education

Project type: Education

Location: Bron, France (+Dom-Tom)

Architect: Linda Aydostian


Perfect match between aesthetics and function


Combining aesthetics and functionality is the part of every architect’s job. Linda Aydostian lets us in on her considerations and choices while working on the renovation of Institute of Nursing Education:


“Before the renovation, the auditorium caused great discomfort for its users in many ways: steep staircase, long reverberation time, outdated furniture, lack of light.


So the primary focus of the renovation project has been to align the aesthetic dimension with the acoustic and technical requirements.


In order to make the room brighter while creating more sound absorption, we chose to extend the acoustical ceiling modules onto the walls using materials with the same expression. This implementation was made possible with the acoustic materials from Knauf Danoline: Visona Tangent ceiling tiles and Tectopanel Tangent wall panels.


The whole amphitheater is placed on a wooden base that forms the steps and continues up along the bottom part of the walls. In addition, the back wall is also made ​​of wood to accentuate the depth of the room and the contrast to the white surfaces, thereby enhancing the luminosity of the room. A touch of colour brightens the whole room up.”



Architect: Linda Aydostian
Year: 2014


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