HSB Turning Torso

Project name: HSB Turning Torso

Project type: Residence

Location:  Sweden

Architect: Santiago Calatrava


HSB Turning Torso is Malmö, Sweden, began as a sculpture by the famous Santiago Calatrava. The design was inspired by the human body in a twisting motion.

With its 190 metres, HSB Turning Torso is one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe.


Knauf Danoline supplied a customised version of Corridor Micro ceiling for the spiral shaped corridors leading from the entrance hall to the car park. Every single ceiling tile used in corridor was custom made in order to follow the curving movement of the corridor.

In the offices, Belgravia Micro acoustic ceiling had been installed, with adjustments made in the perimeter area so the ceiling would follow the twisted shape of the room.


Year: 2005

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