Sustainable acoustic materials

Acoustic materials made from perforated gypsum have a sustainable profile. The sound absorbing ceiling tiles and wall panels are made of materials which are 100% recyclable.

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The sustainable properties of Knauf Danoline products are supported by:

LEED Declaration
Building Product Declarations
FDES LCA Declarations
Environmental Management ISO 14001
Product Assessment Report


Understand the benefits of Knauf Danoline products:


The properties of Knauf Danoline products will not diminish for at least 50 years. They retain the same strength, the same acoustic characteristics and the same fire resistance. All products can be repainted again and again without any loss of acoustic or other technical properties.

And at the end of their lifespan, our products are wholly recyclable.


Knauf Danoline products are painted with water-based paint. This ensures maximum recyclability, maintains the gypsum’s natural humidity regulating properties and keeps the gypsum core free from harmful additives.

In addition, the acoustic cellulose felt on the back of Knauf Danoline’s perforated gypsum boards not only increases their flexibility, it is also biodegradable.

Similarly, the cardboard in Kanuf Danoline plasterboard products is produced from 100% recycled sources. The cardboard and paper foils are also separated from the gypsum at the recycling plant, enabling a greater proportion of waste to be recycled.

environmental responsibility


Our production process is ISO certified. We are constantly focused on environmental management and optimising the production processes for the benefit of local communities, our customers and the environment in general.



We are an environmentally responsible company, committed to long term sustainable development.  We therefore work continuously to manage our impact on the environment and to prevent pollution.

We do this by:

  • Using environmentally-responsible raw materials in our manufacturing processes
  • Using packaging that can be recycled or re-used
  • Optimising the consumption of energy, raw materials and packaging
    Promoting the widest possible use of recycled materials as raw materials

And of course, we comply with all relevant legislation, regulatory requirements and trade agreements.

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