Paintable Surface

Paintable Surface

Paintable Surface

Knauf Danoline products are delivered as standard untreated, white painted or white laminated.

Knauf Danoline also deliver products painted in NCS and RAL colours. Products are typically dipped and spray finished, although very light colours can be spray finished alone.

Maximum panel size for dipping is 600×1200 mm.

Products are finished with a water based acrylic paint in gloss 5. Due to the nature of the substrate the finish appears as a gloss 2.

Knauf Danoline products can also be painted on site using a short mohair roller. When painting by roller, only the surface of the panel is painted and there will be contrast with the gypsum core in the perforations.

It is important to avoid getting paint in the perforation holes as this can affect sound absorption and the finished look. Therefore, a short-haired roller must be used and the paint should not be too thick. Do not over-apply the paint in the perforated areas.

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Paintable Surface

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