Hygiene is a key consideration in many buildings. That’s why Knauf Danoline painted acoustic ceilings and wall linings are coated with a low polymer, high density paint that has a very low attraction to dust particles. This prevents dust and other particles infiltrating the microscopic gaps in the surface structure. The durability of the coating also means that tougher stains can be removed using standard cleaning practices and neutral cleaning solutions.


To minimise the risk of mould growth and bacteria, Knauf Danoline products are manufactured with built-in anti-mould and anti-bacteria agents. These are effective even in areas that are prone to continuous high temperatures, high air humidity or aggressive gases. Furthermore, all products are tested for anti-microbial growth resistance according to DIN EN 1104 (Determination of the migration of anti-microbial substances) Grade 3.


For more robust cleaning regimes and rooms that require high infection control, our foil-covered, clean-room certified Danotile can withstand tough cleaning and disinfection agents with pH values ranging from 2.5 to 13. This includes peracetic acid and H2O2 commonly used in hospitals, where even after 120 cleaning cycles, Danotile remains ISO 5 compliant. Danotile can also withstand air pressure variations of up to +/- 30 Pa.


Nearly all materials face challenges in environments that can be severely affected by aggressive bacteria, such as hospitals and laboratories. To meet this challenge, we have developed a unique paint surface called Medifend that can be applied to our standard products. Medifend has a very powerful fungistatic effect and is tested in accordance with DIN ISO 846, Method B and B’. When optimal hygienic conditions are required, Medifend is the ideal solution.


In addition to being aesthetically strong and structurally innovative, Knauf Danoline products are also easy to mount and demount, allowing easy access to the void for essential service and maintenance tasks.

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