Ambient Conditions

Ambient Conditions

Knauf Danoline products are tested for resistance to moisture in service. Products tested for resistance up to 70% RH at 25ºC are designed for use under normal living and working conditions, i.e. in offices, institutions and similar premises.

Products tested for resistance up to 90% RH at 30ºC are designed for use under more extreme conditions and can thus be used in high humidity rooms and rooms with frequent and major changes in the humidity of the air. In general wherever people can be, so can gypsum, excessive levels of humidity combined with very high temperatures are not comfortable conditions for humans, and inevitably shorten the life of natural materials.

However at lower relative humidity gypsum is able to tolerate much higher temperatures. Gypsum can therefore also be used in buildings where temperatures can fluctuate up to 50ºC for shorter periods of time.


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