Air Purification & Air Quality

Air Purification & Air Quality


The hardening of gypsum boards used for the manufacturing of Knauf Danoline products is based purely on reactions with water, and contains therefore no volatile liquids or suchlike. Thus, the use of Knauf Danoline products causes no health nuisances.


In addition, all perforatedproducts provide effective reduction of air pollutants thanks to the Cleaneo Technology which is integrated in the gypsum core.


Indoor air can become contaminated in many ways. Everyday substances including paints and lacquers, cleaning and fabric-care products, perfumes, hair sprays, glues and solvents all create potentially harmful emissions, including a family of chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been linked to allergies, asthma and even cancer.

With the objective to ensure indoor comfort to the occupants of a building, Knauf Danoline has integrated an active air purification feature called Cleaneo Technology to the entire range of its acoustic materials.

Cleaneo technology is derived from a natural volcanic rock called Zeolite. Knauf Danoline uses a synthetic version of the Zeolite called Zeoflair which comes in a more concentrated form. It is this particular property that actively reduces the concentration of harmful pollutants in the air.

When gypsum board containing Zeoflair is perforated, it purifies air as it streams through the perforations, removing unpleasant pollutants and leaving the air cleaner.

Independent laboratory tests at the Fraunhof Institute for Building Physics in Germany highlight the effectiveness of Cleaneo products. Throughout all the tests, the Cleaneo technology improved the indoor air quality by reducing the concentration of polar volatile compounds like alcohol, aldehydes, ketones and esters – all typical emissions from cleaning agents and care products.

Air Purification & Air Quality


All surface finishes used on Knauf Danoline products (i.e. high and low gloss paint and different foils) are also classified as non-hazardous and for reasons of indoor climate safety and consideration for the environment, there are no added biocides that give an active biocidal effect within or on the finished surface film.


Danish Indoor Climate L abelling is a voluntary labelling scheme, the first one in the world to rate construction materials according to their indoor climate properties during the service phase.


The rating covers degassing with a time value in days, and particle emission, based on the release of particles from sedimentable dust.

Knauf Danoline products have the following classifications:

• Indoor climate value: 10 days

• Particle emission: L OW (< 0.75 mg)

Air Purification & Air Quality

Environmental and health rating

Knauf Danoline products are additionally rated according to the Swedish Sunda Hus labelling – an overall assessment of the product’s environmental and health impacts, from its origin to its disposal:

• Untreated and painted products: Class A

• Foil-finished products: Class B

Air Purification & Air Quality

Indoor climate & environment rating of building materials

Knauf Danoline products are recommended by the Swedish Byggvarubedömningen, an association gathering the largest property companies and investors in Sweden with the view of establishing a common standard for building materials by assessing the chemical contents, the life cycle criteria and the possible effects on indoor climate of a building material.

Air Purification & Air Quality

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Air Purification & Air Quality

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