Corridor 400

Corridor Micro free spanning acoustical ceiling by Knauf Danoline. Installed in La Rodia music hall Besancon by Denu & Paradon Corridor Tangent free-spanning acoustic ceiling tiles

Product Details


Tangent (T)

Micro (M)

Quadril (Q)

Globe (G)

Also available non-perforated
Other perforation patterns are manufactured to order


Corridor 400 edge

Corridor 400

Edge D
Concealed grid lengthwise / Visible grid crosswise

Free spanning acoustic ceiling

Corridor acoustical ceiling is unique ceiling solution for narrow rooms and corridors. The acoustic ceiling planks are free spanning between the walls, free-span of up to 2.4 metres.


The gypsum ceiling is installed without any cross runners or suspension hangers. Therefore, a Corridor acoustical ceiling is extremely quick to install; 3 times faster installation than a traditional T-grid ceiling in a corridor.


Corridor is based on perforated gypsum – a sustainable building material. Corridor ceiling planks consist of materials that are 100% recyclable.


See more absorption coefficients under Absorptiondata


400 x 1200 x 9.5 mm

400 x 1800 x 9.5 mm

400 x 2400 x 9.5 mm

400 x Special length x 9.5 mm


Standard white painted surface NCS 0701 Y24R (RAL 9003).

Gloss 5.

Other colours available on request.


Indicative tile weight: 11.66 – 12.69
All according to type of perforation.

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Weisskirchen El. School

Ceiling and wall as integrated part of overall architecture

Health Care

Östra Hospital

Careful choice of acoustic materials to match the purpose of the room

Health Care

Hamlet Private Hospital

Pleasant indoor climate and clean air


La Rodia

Exceptionally easy access for inspection work

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Edge E
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Edge E lengthwise
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