Acoustical performance and identity

The different perforations ensure acoustical performance of and give identity to Knauf Danoline products. Each perforation has its own characteristics from the organic look of round holes, to grid-like look of the micro square holes, to the maritime look of large square holes or the technical look of large oval holes.



Unity 9 perforation patterns consists of 9 x 9 mm square holes at 20 mm c/c.


Perforation_thumb_Unity_3_photo  Perforations_Unity_3_measures_closeup

Unity 3 perforation patterns consists of 3.5 X 3.5 mm holes at 8 1/3 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Unity4  Perforations_Unity_4_measures_closeup

Unity 4 perforation patterns consists of 4 mm circular holes at 10 mm c/c.


UNITY 8|15|20

Perforation_thumb_Unity8_15_20_photo  Perforations_Unity_8_15_20_measures_closeup

Unity 8|15|20 perforation patterns consists of  Ø 8 mm, Ø 15 mm, Ø 20 mm holes.



Perforation_thumb_Globe_photo  Perforations_Globe_measures_closeup

Globe perforation patterns consists of 6 mm circular holes at 15 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Quadril_photo  Perforations_Quadril_measures_closeup

Quadril perforation patterns consists of 12 x 12 mm square holes at 30 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Micro_photo  Perforations_Micro_measures_closeup

Micro perforation patterns consists of 3 x 3 mm square holes at 8.3 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Tangent_photo  Perforations_Tangent_measures_closeup

Tangent perforation patterns consists of 4 x 14 mm oval holes at 10/20 mm c/c.



Kino perforation consists of 8 x 53 mm oval holes at 15/60 mm c/c.



   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G8-18_photo   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G10-23_photo   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G12-25_photo

G6/18                        G8/18                        G10/23                       G12/25


Perforation_thumb_Solo_G15-30_photo      Perforation_thumb_Solo_G12-20-66_photo   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G8-12-50_photo

G15/30                      Q8/18                        G12/20/66                G8/12/50

Solo perforation comes in seven different perforations designs in a fixed, uniform sequence:

  • 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 mm round holes in uniform sequence
  • 8 mm square holes in uniform sequence
  • 8/12 mm and 12/20 mm staggered round holes in uniform sequence




G8/15/20                  G12/20/35

Strato perforation comes in two different perforation designs with a random sequence of round holes in three different sizes, viz. 8/15/20 mm and 12/20/35 mm.