acoustic plaster ceiling system

Knauf Danoline Kraft acoustic plaster ceiling system is only available in India and the Middle East

The innovative acoustic plaster ceilings by Knauf Danoline Kraft consist of a sustainable, robust unit combining perforated gypsum tiles with a fine coating of acoustic plaster.

The result is an aesthetic monolithic ceiling with high acoustic performance in addition to a long service life.

Knauf Danoline Kraft acoustic plaster ceiling system is preferred by our customers due to its:

  • Robustness
  • Ease of repair and repaint
  • Possibility to directly build-in light fixtures

Knauf Danoline Kraft system with acoustic plaster is also suitable for walls for example in order to reduce flutter echoes.

Simple solution to monolithic acoustic ceilings with long service life

The Knauf Danoline Kraft acoustic ceiling is developed to ensure outstanding acoustic and aesthetic comfort. The ceiling system consists of four components

  1. Knauf Danoline Tectopanel U-perforated gypsum board – ensures acoustic excellence through its high sound absorption qualities.. 2. Isolation primer – seals the gypsumboard surface and the screws; and ensures a longer service life of the ceiling. 3. Acoustic fleece glued to the gypsumboard – ensures a smooth surface for plastering.  4. Picco S acoustic plaster layer – ensures a seamless, monolithic acoustic ceiling surface.  For demountable acoustical ceilings with monolithic look, please check out our Unity series.