Psychiatric Hospital

Project name: Psychiatric Hospital

Project type: Health Care

Location: Kokkola, Finland

Architect: Firm of architects Pekka Lukkaroinen, Ulla-Maija Aarnio



“We wanted in general to create an extremely peaceful, homely atmosphere for the patients. The ceilings played a central role in creating that atmosphere as they had to complement the visual impression acoustically. All of the materials used at the hospital had to be robust so they would have a long useful lifetime. This naturally also applied to the ceilings. And they had to be easy to clean.

Knauf Danoline products were used in this project because; in addition to fulfilling the technical specifications, they also gave the architect countless design options. We decided to install perforated Markant ceilingsin the centre of the room and non-perforated Plaza around the periphery to create contrasting shapes and shadows. The end result was a peaceful, attractive interior.” Ulla-Maija Aarnio, Pekka Lukkaroinen Oulu.


Year: 2008

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