Private residence Hjortevej

Project name: Private residence Hjortevej

Project type: Residence

Location: Ans, Denmark


In modern homes, acoustic treatment may be just as necessary as in offices or classrooms. The Danish family at Hjortevej in Ans wanted their living rooms and kitchen area to be spacious and filled with daylight. This required large window sections and high ceilings which combined with minimalistic Scandinavian design often are synonymous of poor acoustics.


The family at Hjortevej therefore chose to integrate the acoustic panel Designpanel Micro in the ceilings. Designpanel Micro has the advantage of having highly effective sound absorption as well as a discreet design that matches the interior design of the home. In addition, Designpanel is easily integrated with the rest of the drylining in the home, leaving a uniform, clean surface.


Year: 2007


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