Nord Anglia International School

Project name: Nord Anglia International School

Project type: Education

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Architect: TheWorkshop


Nord Anglia Education is the world’s leading premium school organization with a global presence of 27 international schools, providing outstanding education to over 17,000 students from preschool level through to the end of secondary education. “High Performance Learning” is Nord Anglia Education’s bespoke educational philosophy with focus on cognitive development and learning methodology that encourages students to be socially confident and capable of thinking creatively.


An important factor within the learning environment is of course the surroundings in which the students work. The most recent Nord Anglia School in Dubai has therefore been constructed to fulfil the latest principles within educational facility design, including a state-of-the-art auditorium, large well lit open plan art studios, craft centers, dark rooms, theatre spaces, and galleries. It has been built as a nurturing environment for students, as well as an encouraging setting for the next generation of athletes, statesmen, thespians and musicians.


Not only is the architectural design important, the internal finishing plays an equally important role in promoting well-being among the students. Sound absorption as well as visually appealing surface design is important assets within an educational environment.


The application of Knauf Danoline ceiling systems aims to enhance the students motivation for “High Performance Learning” via the acoustic and aesthetic properties of the products Belgravia Globe and Designpanel Quadril.


Year: 2014


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