Lørenskog Mall

Project name: Lørenskog Mall

Project type: Shopping

Location:  Norway

Architect: Narud, Stokke og Wiig A/S


At Lørenskog Shopping Mall in Norway, the objective has been to have a completely monolithic ceiling surface in the entire building. Thus, in the most frequented areas of the mall, Stratopanel with its organic, random perforation design was chosen to match the busy atmosphere of the shopping streets.


In the calmer parts of the building, Solopanel was used as acoustical ceiling with special customised solution for the covering of bulkheads. In order to ensure a consistent, monolithic design all the way around the bulkhead covering, the Solopanels have been customised with V-cuts. This allowed for a smooth finishing around the edges of the bulkheads with no interruption of the perforation pattern.


Year: 2008


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