Gaston Berger Auditorium

Project name: Gaston Berger Auditorium

Project type: Education

Location: Bron, France (+Dom-Tom)

Architect: Linda Aydostian




With the grand Gaston Berger Auditorium at INSA, Lyon, coming under scrutiny due to its ageing interior and its poor acoustics, Linda Aydostian swooped in to give it the complete restoration it deserved. Her big mission – focus on creating excellent acoustic comfort.


The curved nature of the ceiling, which had to be maintained, made this mission a challenging one. Standard demountable ceilings on a T-grid system were an impossible solution due to the complex curvature of the ceiling, whilst square 600 x 600 mm panels would provide a rather poor and uninspiring design.


The solution to these problems were found in the strong acoustic performance that Tectopanel with Micro perforations offered, in addition to its flexibility and timeless design. These panels were produced in a rectangular size in accordance to Linda’s specifications in order to create the unique perspectives and visual flow combined with the wood paneled walls. Additionally, the ability to easily curve these panels on-site according to the custom shapes, as well as easily mount them, made the whole process easier.


The white reflective surfaces of the Tectopanel panels added to the modern visual appeal of this newly restored auditorium, whilst providing its users with an airy and bright environment to learn.

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