Foyer Communal

Project name: Foyer Communal

Project type: Leisure

Location: Diefmatten, France (+Dom-Tom)

Architect: DI NISI Architects / Monsieur Thomas DI NISI





The Foyer Communal is a gathering place for the approximately 400 residents of the small French village of Diefmatten. It plays a central role in providing a social milieu, where activities such as Christmas celebrations, wedding parties, or children’s parties are held.


As a building that is in use by so many people, it became very important to the management to upgrade the interior in order to control the acoustic environment for the benefit and comfort of all its visitors and users.


Upon consulting us, we were able to offer them a two-pronged solution consisting of decorative yet highly functional acoustic gypsum products for both the ceiling and the walls in order to ensure a superior level of sound absorption. This solution was in the form of our Adit and Belgravia panels.


The Adit panels, in particular, stood out as the centre pieces of the newly designed interior, as the architect chose to work with the printed version on which illustrations of typical house’s facades from the Alsace region were printed. This gave the interior walls a very regional and comforting look as well, besides its extraordinary sound absorption properties.


Upon re-opening to the public, visitors were surprised by new global and light design that the room presented but were even more impressed by the vast improvement to the acoustics, as it was now possible to clearly and comfortably hear speech – even when the room was filled with 50 guests.


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