Earport Studios

Project name: Earport Studios

Project type: Leisure

Location: Fornebu, Norway

Architect: Dag Kolsrud


Previously, it was the sound of airplanes that resonated in Fornebu, the former Oslo airport. Now, one part of the renovated airport houses a recording studio called Earport Studios, headed by Dag Kolsrud.


The old terminal building of Fornebu is transformed into a state-of-the-art music studio with bright rooms and a thought-out interior design to enhance the audiovisual experience.


Earport Studio is a result of a close collaboration between Dag Kolsrud, who designed the studio himself, and the Norwegian Knauf Company, Norgips.

Every part of the studio is designed out of the consideration for acoustics and movement of sound waves. No angles, curves, ceiling shapes or carpets are placed at random – they all serve as conscious choices in creating rooms with different expressions.


Belgravia Micro and Designpanel Tangent are used as acoustic ceilings in the studio. According to Dag, perforated gypsum boards as acoustic materials create much better sound and acoustics compared to acoustic materials with built-in sound insulation.


On some of the wall surfaces in the studio, Solopanel wall linings are installed due to their minimal sound diffusion and monolithic appearance.


Materials and expertise from Norgips together with a unique design have helped Dag Kolsrud create a recording studio located at the very top of music production studios.


Year: 2014


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