Chamber of Commerce

Project name: Chamber of Commerce

Project type: Education

Location: Sanabis, Bahrain

Architect: Aref Sadiq Design and Architects, Bahrain


“Early in the design phase of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce Auditorium, we acknowledged the  requirement to achieve the highest standards of acoustic performance in order to create a state of the art presentation environment. But we also understood that we must not sacrifice aesthetics in our choice of materials and interior finishes. The interior space must look magnificent to make a good first impression on its guests but must also perform its acoustic function as an auditorium.”


“We chose Knauf Danoline acoustic ceilings and wall panels as an integral part of the interior design because the Knauf Danoline product range allowed us the flexibility to create beautiful shapes and architectural lines while achieving our acoustic objectives,” Sadeq explains and goes on to further stress the need of integrating acoustics in the design process:


“Often architects design an auditorium with traditional aesthetics in mind and then, later, add various materials to achieve or improve the acoustic requirements. The Knauf Danoline range of products allowed us to incorporate acoustic materials directly into the auditorium’s rudimentary structural elements: ceilings and walls.”


Year: 2008

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