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Edge A (Danotile)

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Gypsum ceiling for hygiene sensitive and fire rated environments

Danotile Xtra is an innovative gypsum-based ceiling tile that is ideal for strict hygiene control applications. Its durable, easy-clean surface makes it the natural choice for environments such as kitchens, clean rooms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, laboratories and fitness centres. Its excellent fire, humidity and chemical resistance ensure maximum performance and security.



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600 x 600 x 12.5 mm


Foil-covered surface with pre-impregnated white paper NCS S0300-N (RAL 9016).

Gloss 10.

Tested for chemical resistance in accordance with DIN 68 861, FIRA BS 3962 and NEMA LD-3-1991.


Indicative tile weight:  7.90.

Technical Properties

Fire Rating

60 minutes fire resistance. Danotile Xtra, fixed to steel beams, underneath an unloaded aerated concrete floor. According to modified standard EN 13381-1:2014. Tested at Warringtonfiregent Institute in Belgium

B,S1,d0 according to EN 14190.

Non-combustible according to BS 476:Part 4:1970.


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Light Reflection

Regula: 86.3%


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Air purification & Air quality

Indoor value: 10 days
Particle emission: low – less than 0.75 mg


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Load Bearing Capacity

600x600x12.5: 1 / B / No load; 2 / B / 30N
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Durable and dirt resistant surface.
Made of robust, glass fibre reinforced material with excellent pressure resistance.
Under normal conditions of use, the product properties are preserved and there is no decomposition of material over time.


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Moisture Resistance

Tested at 90% RH and 30°C
The product can withstand temperature conditions of up to 50°C


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Dust removal by dry duster or vacuum cleaner
Removal of marks with a damp cloth
Tough cleaning and disinfection agents with pH from 2.5 to 13.
Classified as ISO 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.
Tested for the highest levels of chemical resistance, in accordance with DIN 68861, FIRA BS 3962 and NEMA LD-3-1991.


Excell hygiene certificate

Clean room certificate


Download: Installation guide (PDF)

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