Corridor 400

Product Details


Tangent (T)

Micro (M)

Quadril (Q)

Globe (G)

Also available non-perforated
Other perforation patterns are manufactured to order


Corridor 400 edge

Corridor 400

Edge D
Concealed grid lengthwise / Visible grid crosswise

Distinct unified look for narrow rooms and corridors

No suspension runners and hangers required.
Open area with no hangers revealed when demounted.
Acoustic gypsum ceiling, self-supporting up to 2.4 m.


See more absorption coefficients under Absorptiondata


400 x 1200 x 9.5 mm

400 x 1800 x 9.5 mm

400 x 2400 x 9.5 mm

400 x Special length x 9.5 mm


Standard white painted surface NCS 0701 Y24R (RAL 9003).

Gloss 5.

Other colours available on request.


Indicative tile weight: 11.66 – 12.69
All according to type of perforation.

Technical Properties

Light Reflection

Globe: 72.8%
Quadril: 75.1%
Micro: 72.1%
Tangent: 70.9%
Regula: 82.6%


Read more about light reflection

Air purification & Air quality

Active reduction of air polluants thanks to


Cleaneo Technology effectively reduces concentrations of VOC’s like alcohol, aldehydes, ketons and esters as well as unpleasant odours from e.g. food or cigarette smoke


Air purification properties tested according to CEN standards and VDI guidelines by Fraunhof Insistute

for Building Physics



Indoor value: 10 days
Particle emission: low – less than 0.75 mg


Read more about air quality


Load Bearing Capacity

G, Q, M, R: 1 / A / No load
G, Q, M, R: 2 / A / 30N
G, Q, M, R: 2 / B / No load


Read more about load-bearing


Made of robust, glass fibre reinforced material with excellent pressure resistance.
Under normal conditions of use, the product properties are preserved and there is no decomposition of material over time.


Read more about the hardness of the gypsum core

Moisture Resistance

Tested at 90% RH and 30°C
The product can withstand temperature conditions of up to 50°C.


Read more about moisture resistance


Dust removal by dry duster or vacuum cleaner.
Removal of marks with a damp cloth.
Normal cleaning practice and neutral cleaning solutions.

See more in the maintenance guide


Read more about hygienic surfaces


Download: Installation guide (PDF)

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