Perforation_thumb_Unity_3_photo Perforations_Unity_3_measures_closeup

Unity 3 perforation patterns consists of 3.5 X 3.5 mm holes at 8 1/3 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Unity4  Perforations_Unity_4_measures_closeup

Unity 4 perforation patterns consists of 4 mm circular holes at 10 mm c/c.


UNITY 8|15|20

Perforation_thumb_Unity8_15_20_photo  Perforations_Unity_8_15_20_measures_closeup

Unity 8|15|20 perforation patterns consists of  Ø 8 mm, Ø 15 mm, Ø 20 mm holes.



Perforation_thumb_Globe_photo  Perforations_Globe_measures_closeup

Globe perforation patterns consists of 6 mm circular holes at 15 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Quadril_photo  Perforations_Quadril_measures_closeup

Quadril perforation patterns consists of 12 x 12 mm square holes at 30 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Micro_photo  Perforations_Micro_measures_closeup

Micro perforation patterns consists of 3 x 3 mm square holes at 8.3 mm c/c.



Perforation_thumb_Tangent_photo  Perforations_Tangent_measures_closeup

Tangent perforation patterns consists of 4 x 14 mm oval holes at 10/20 mm c/c.



Kino perforation consists of 8 x 53 mm oval holes at 15/60 mm c/c.



   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G8-18_photo   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G10-23_photo   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G12-25_photo

G6/18                        G8/18                        G10/23                       G12/25


Perforation_thumb_Solo_G15-30_photo      Perforation_thumb_Solo_G12-20-66_photo   Perforation_thumb_Solo_G8-12-50_photo

G15/30                      Q8/18                        G12/20/66                G8/12/50

Solo perforation comes in seven different perforations designs in a fixed, uniform sequence:

  • 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 mm round holes in uniform sequence
  • 8 mm square holes in uniform sequence
  • 8/12 mm and 12/20 mm staggered round holes in uniform sequence




G8/15/20                  G12/20/35

Strato perforation comes in two different perforation designs with a random sequence of round holes in three different sizes, viz. 8/15/20 mm and 12/20/35 mm.