Comfort for eyes and ears

Comfort for eyes and ears

Published: 15/07/2014

By: Knauf Danoline

When design meets functionality


Unity 3 and Unity 8|15|20 are the new perforation designs that create a monolithic ceiling expression and maintain the functionality of a demountable ceiling.


Taking its inspiration from the air bubbles in the water, Unity 8|15|20 is made up of round perforations with three different diameters; Ø8 mm, Ø15 mm and Ø20 mm. With its retro feel symbolizing slow, steady movement, Unity 8|15|20 is perfect for rooms using organic shapes and warm materials like wood.


Unity 3 consists of square 3.5×3.5 mm perforations, creating a hi-tech appearance suitable for rooms with hard, refined materials to accentuate the straight lines.


Unity 8|15|20 and Unity 3 are available on three different products:



The edges on all three products have been redesigned to create a sharp expression complementing the monolithic design of Unity 8|15|20 and Unity 3. The Unity series also holds the existing Unity 6 perforation, with its Ø6 mm round perforations.


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