Acoustic Top Performers

Acoustic Top Performers

Ideal solution for noise reduction

Knauf Danoline offers a wide range of acoustic performers for all applications, from ceiling and wall linings to suspended to self-supporting ceilings and acoustic wall decorations.

With alpha values (α-values) of 0.95 to 0.55 the most common demands for a superb noise reduction and vastly reduced reverberation time can be reached.


Knauf Danoline absorbers don’t just reduce noise levels, they create a healthier indoor environment, too. Constructed from natural and recyclable materials, our absorbers are a sustainable and responsible choice. They can even be repainted time and time again without losing their sound absorbing properties.

What makes Knauf Danoline absorbers unique:



Knauf Danoline has an enviable record in room acoustics, built up over 50 years in collaboration with leading architects and acoustic consultants from all over the world. We’re keen to share our knowledge and expertise. So our website carries a number of online resources to help you find the right solution for your acoustic requirements (see the side bar to the right).


 Knauf Danoline manufactures and supplies a complete range of sound absorbing products, allowing you to optimise the acoustic properties of every space to suit your specific needs.